HIGHLIGHTS OF THE UNION BUDGET 2023-24 The highlights of the Budget are as follows: PART A Per capita income has more than doubled to ₹1.97 lakh in around nine years. Indian economy has increased in size from being 10th to 5th largest in the world […]

Balancing growth with stability

Balancing growth with stability #GS 03 Budget, Economy, Infrastructure For Mains Concerns with the growth rate Even though the economy has staged a recovery and surpassed the pre-pandemic income level, the growth rate remains below the pre-pandemic trend at less than 7%. However, inflation remains […]

New START treaty

New START treaty #GS 01 World History, #GS 02 International Relations For Prelims New START treaty New START Treaty was signed in Prague by US and Russia on 8 April 2010, as a replacement to the START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty). The New START Treaty […]

UPI for NRIs

UPI for NRIs #GS 03 Banking For Prelims NRI (Non-Resident Indian) A non-resident Indian is a person who is a citizen of India or is a person of Indian origin but currently resides in a location outside India. For an Indian Citizen to be considered […]

Judicial Majoritarianism

Judicial Majoritarianism #GS 02 Judiciary For Prelims Judicial Majoritarianism In case of cases which involve a substantial interpretation of constitutional provisions Constitutional Benches, consisting of five or more judges, are set up in accordance with Article 145(3) of the Constitution. These Benches usually consist of […]